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Estonian prime minister: Everything that we were afraid of has happened | News

Kallas was asked by Lyse Doucet for her reaction to the events of Ukraine.

Kallas noted that today is Estonian Independence Day and that it would have normally been a happy occasion, except for the “terrible news” that we woke up to.

She said, “We had the intelligence information prior so we were expecting that,” and added that ministers and cabinet members were alerted early this morning to make decisions.

“So all that we were afraid of and knew from intelligence reports has actually come true. This is so scary that this could happen in 2022,” Kallas said. 

She was asked by her how far President Vladimir Putin will go in Ukraine. She said that Putin was open to his plans and that he “intends” to go far, but it “depends on what we let him go”.

Asked how Estonia can help Ukraine, Kallas replied: “We, in Estonia, are gonna help Ukraine with all the means that we can — political support, but also practical support, also defense weaponry that we can send to Ukraine and of course we must do everything on the EU and NATO Level so this aggression does not expand.”

Prime Minister said Estonia and NATO allies had already activated Article 4, which will allow for discussions within the alliance. This will allow NATO to move forward with its defense plans, though she did not provide any more details.

Kallas answered a question about her concern that NATO and EU support didn’t stop Russia from attacking Ukraine. Ukraine is a non EU and non-NATO member. We are part NATO, we are part EU, NATO has Article 5, which states that an attack on one is an assault on all.

“I think it’s a bit too large a bite to Putin to take, even though he threatens. Of course, we must prepare for the aggression that is going on in Ukraine as well as for it continuing.

She indicated that additional sanctions would be discussed at tonight’s EU council meeting.

The interview can be viewed online HereStarts at 9.14 a.m.

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