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Inside Estonia’s method in combating Russian disinformation

Simon Ostrovsky:

Toomas ilves, who grew up in New Jersey, was Estonia’s president from 2006 to 2016. He instructed Newshour Weekend that the occasions of the Bronze Night compelled Estonia to search for new methods to make its Russian talking minority much less vulnerable to propaganda from Russia.

In the United States, after we’re speaking about preventing disinformation, we’re usually excited about doing issues like tweaking the algorithm on social media or placing legislative stress on Big Tech firms in Silicon Valley. But when your border with Russia is that this shut you actually do not have that possibility as a result of it is sufficient to show in your tv set to get an earful of propaganda from the opposite aspect. So Estonia has determined to decide on a distinct path.

Meet Dmitri, he is a Russian-Estonian and a father of three from Estonia’s eastern-most metropolis, Narva. Like many members of this group he struggles with the Estonian language, despite the fact that he is lived right here all his life.

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